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“Putting Your
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“Putting Your
Best Foot Forward”



Want Hiring Managers to see your resume first?

Since 1992, Evelyn Salvador has been branding her clients through exceptional resume design that attracts interest so their resumes are read first; and with her marketing-savvy, personally branded copy, positions them within the top 2% in their field of expertise. Her resume designs have helped jobseekers gain more interviews than they ever thought possible!

Like business marketing materials, your resume is your self-promotion. Because Evelyn’s Designer Resumes take a quantum leap into unique, professional, and creative design, they make an immediate impact and wow hiring managers to call you ahead of the competition. 

Shown below is Evelyn’s Designer Resume Gallery containing exceptional resume designs by Profession and for All Professions, which she will either select for you to create your Executive Resume, or you may select.  

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    •    Accounting & Finance Series

    •    Advertising, Design & Printing Series

    •    Agriculture & Farming Series

    •    Architecture & Engineering Series

    •    Banking & Investments

    •    Business & Administration Series

    •    Construction Series

    •    Creative Series

    •    Education & Training Series

    •    Environment & Conservation Series

    •    Executive Series

    •    Healthcare Series

    •    Human Resources Series

    •    Hospitality Series

    •    Information Technology Series

    •    Manufacturing & Production Series

    •    Marketing Series

    •    Pharmaceutical Series

    •    Restaurant Series

    •    Sales Series

    •    Transportation & Logistics Series

    •    Travel & Aviation Series



    •    Black & White Designs

    •    Color Designs

    •    Resume Series

    •    Photo Series

    •    Frame Series

    •    Skyline Series


How Designer Resumes Came About


Ad-agency bred, when Evelyn Salvador first started her business in 1990, she developed branding materials for businesses (such as logos, brochures, marketing materials, and the like).

In 1992 when asked by friends to do their resume, she figured she’d give it a shot. When they got multiple interview calls immediately, she first thought it was luck or they were in the right place at the right time. But when that happened time and again, she realized she was on to something.

Because Evelyn was accustomed to branding her business clients both visually and verbally—and since resumes are self-promotions—she automatically capitalized on her personal clients’ brand and designed their resumes.

Her resume designs and personally branded copy are what resulted in their getting called before other applicants because they stood out and were read first amongst all the bland white resumes.

Not knowing it then, she became a Personal Branding Pioneer five years before the term was coined, and this became the start of her resume writing practice.

After the National Resume Writers' Association President and current Career Director's International Executive Director saw Evelyn’s resume designs 24 years ago, they were astounded and requested she make them available to all professional resume writers.

Hesitant at first, as her designs were what she considered her secret competitive edge, she agreed to share them with her colleagues and Version 1 was released in 1998.

The 100 Designer Resume Templates have since gone through several versions, and in 2020, she totally redid them; and to help better brand jobseekers in their own positions, she made the designs profession specific. Version 4 contains 400+ resume designs for every profession!

For three decades now, Designer Resumes have been helping to position jobseekers in the Top 2% and land quickly.

Here’s to 

Hearing the Words

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