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Your Executive Resume—Your Self Promotional Marketing Tool
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Executive Resumes with a High ROI by a Certified Resume Writer, Personal Branding Pioneer, Industry Leader & Author

Our job is to do just that. You can purchase a resume that sounds good. But if it doesn't work, it isn't worth a dime. Our Certified Resume Writer and Personal Branding pioneer knows exactly what makes a resume work and what doesn't.

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Though some say a resume cannot get one hired, our resume success rate proves otherwise. Our client resumes are so exceptional that hiring managers who view them—more often than not—have already decided our executive clients are so suitable for their positions that meeting with you just becomes the next step to offering you the position.

In fact, our resumes help position clients in the Top 2 Percent in their industry of expertise. ResumeWriterForExecutives crafts interview-generating resumes for Executives in every industry with exceptional writing quality, professional design, and a high return on your investment…to get you hired.



Think About Your Resume ROI

Our Executive Resumes are so successful, they go beyond just getting your foot in the door. They are expertly crafted by an industry leader to showcase how well a fit you are for the position you seek by identifying, defining, and marketing your Personal Brand, thereby compelling hiring managers to seek you out over the competition. And they help you maximize your salary potential.

More often than not, our Executive clients earn more with our services than if they did not choose ResumeWriterForExecutives. The salary increases some of our clients receive have up to tripled their previous salary. Their return on investment? Up to 5900%!!

The career management services found here help careerists land jobs more quickly, negotiate higher salaries than their counterparts, and significantly shorten their job search time.

A well-written professional resume can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in lost income and help earn you tens of thousands of dollars in increased earnings. So hiring the right firm to develop your career marketing materials is crucial to your success and will exponentially pay for itself in the long run.

So when you select a resume firm, be sure you look at your salary potential versus the resume cost, and determine what a high return on investment means to you. Then CONTACT US to get your interview-generating Executive Resume started!



“You’re Hired!” are the words we help you hear!

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