Your Executive Web Portfolio includes a 5-page Web Portfolio site with a Home (Intro) page, an Executive Resume page, a Contact page, Resume Download option, plus two additional pages containing your bio, credentials, key accomplishments, areas of expertise, case studies, endorsements, published articles—or any other important criteria as deemed appropriate to create your Personal Brand in your field.

Website content / copy writing is included if original resume was prepared by a professional resume writer. Additional web pages @ $125. Content copy, if needed, @ $150/screen-size page.  MORE

Executive Resumes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $875


Executive Resume Packages

Get everything you need to catapult and manage your career in one package at a discounted rate—all to help you get hired quickly!

1. BASIC EXECUTIVE RESUME, Resume, Cover Letter,
    Email Resume & Executive Web Portfolio

   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All for $1650

2. DELUXE PACKAGE: All of the above plus Personal Branding
    Bios & LinkedIn Profile
   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
All for $2295

Compare at Prices From $5,000 to $10,000

Your Executive Cover Letter will be a highly crafted, marketing-savvy, and compelling resume introduction letter that will help personally brand you in your field and entice employers to read your resume and call you for an interview! Your Cover Letter will immediately attract attention as to what you have to offer, exhibit and prove why you are an excellent candidate for the position, and highlight your matching achievements. 

Executive Resumes include a 2- to 3-page professionally written and graphically designed Resume that will personally brand you in your field. You will receive the MS Word resume file for printing and mailing or emailing to prospective employers as an attachment and for customizing and targeting future employers. In addition a text (ASCII) version is provided for emailing and posting to job boards. Additional resume pages (for technical expertise, case stories, endorsements, charts or graphs, and so on): @ $125  MORE

Our Executive Resume rates aren’t the lowest you’ll find and they’re certainly not the highest, but what I will tell you is that you will receive the highest return on investment for your dollar right here.

Once we determine your assets, the benefits of those assets, and the value proposition and ROI your benefits have to offer your prospective employers, we develop your personal brand message and then write and design your marketing tools around that message to your target audience.

It takes (1) professional graphic design to get noticed, (2) compelling copy to get read, (3) a unique personal brand, and (4) a positive web presence to be called ahead of your competition. Unlike most resume services, we meld all four to get your foot in the door quickly. That’s the quotient for success in obtaining a position quickly and managing your career successfully.

Factor in how long it might take you to secure a new position without the best marketing materials to get your foot in the door as quickly as possible in this economy. Our client past experiences tell us that having waited many months to get a bite on a resume that did not work before coming to us can cost them tens of thousands of dollars. That’s akin to the expression “biting your nose to spite your face.” Compare that possible loss next to the cost of obtaining the best possible resume for your dollar to get you in your new position quicker…with us, you win!

Before deciding on a resume service, determine your Return on Investment with us next to the cost of not hiring us.


Today, developing your Personal Brand is the single most critical thing you can do to get hired quickly at your highest salary potential. When strategized well and developed articulately, Personal Branding helps you achieve ultimate career success and personal life satisfaction.  Branding is what compels hiring managers to seek you out over others because they just cannot pass up what you have to offer. Your Personal Brand Profile includes a Biography, Elevator Pitch, and Slogan. MORE

To create or enhance your positive online identity and connect with hiring managers.  MORE 


Hiring Managers solidify their hiring decisions based upon an applicant's Web presence. We highly recommend an Executive Web Portfolio which states your personal brand, highlights your expertise, showcases your achievements, and overall creates an extremely positive online identity for Executives.





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Executive Web Portfolios  . . . . . . . . . . . . . $695

Personal Brand Biographies . . . . . . . . . . . . $495

LinkedIn / Social Networking Profiles . . . . .  $159